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Industrial Nanotechnology reports available to the public are published in the nABACUS BlueBook® Series.


nABACUS has developed a platform for the highly efficient use of Nanotechnology business knowledge, enabling our analysts to increase the depth of their intelligence gathering.

We noticed, in the sheer amount of information we were collecting, that so much additional information had the potential to be extracted than what was being disseminated to our early clients or what was being made public in our reports.

During our research we accumulate so much data that, we believe, it should be possible to profile and monitor Nanotechnology development and therefore its business potential. This information can be used for the purposes of strategic business planning, government policy making, industry road-mapping and the long term planning of Nanotechnology adaptation- regardless of the industry, region or country.

Considering how loosely defined Nanotechnology is, nABACUS understands the daunting task faced when gathering and analyzing relevant information. With this in mind nABACUS is now employing software similar to state of the art technology used by national security and intelligence agencies around the world to identify and monitor international crime and terrorist threats.

In developing this new platform we were looking for a systematic, computer assisted, approach to collecting and analyzing data for clients without them necessarily being interested in specific products, processes or companies.
nABACUS has identified the ever increasing need for industry to understand clearly what existing Nanotechnologies are able to be utilised in their sectors. Domestically, it is vital to recognize where and how, developed Nanotechnologies can be adopted by local industry.

The intelligence platform at nABACUS, fine tuned for our purposes, is a quantum leap forward in analyzing technology.

Business Intelligence

nABACUS analyzes the borderless landscape of Nanotechnology capable of focusing on a particular technology and/or geographical region using public, commercial and proprietary sets of information. Apart from relations between organizations, people and locations, nABACUS is able to create extremely useful, relevant information for business from literally thousands of sources of information.

For instance: our Product Usage Sphere helps to identify industries and markets for a Nanotechnology that a company may not have considered, hence increasing their market potential. Likewise, the market power of a competing technology can be clearly distinguished.

Emerging technologies tend to grow slowly initially, and after overcoming critical hurdles, evolve, growing at exceptional rates. Globally, Nanotechnology has become such a buzz word that countless industry niches are yet to be defined.

With nABACUS' unique intelligence platform we are able to pinpoint specific chronological trends and create defined baselines for developing business and policy strategies, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of technology roadmaps.

If you are currently experiencing the growth that Nanotechnology is providing innumerable industries, or, wish to investigate how your organization might best capitalize on the advantages Nanotechnology offers, contact nABACUS directly.