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nABACUS delivers high quality Nanotechnologyconsulting with the utmost integrity to government and industry. Intelligence provided by nABACUS creates value for shareholders, employees and partners, by ensuring our clients remain at the forefront of emerging technologies.

In building a portfolio of strategic investments, nABACUS assists investors in the identification, managing and exiting of Nanotechnology ventures.


nABACUS offices are strategically located in Sydney, Australia.

F: 61.2.8905.9678


nABACUS was founded in 2001 by world leading experts in Nanotechnology, Technology Analysis and High Growth Investment. By bringing together a vibrant global network, comprising of corporate business, investment communities, government, academia, national and commercial laboratories, nABACUS has grown from a small office in Hong Kong, to a well known leader in Nanotechnology consulting in the Asia Pacific region. Known for founding the Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum (APNF) and as the organizer and sponsor of numerous Nanotechnology conferences around the world; nABACUS is internationally respected.

The History

nABACUS is a Nanotechnology consulting and analysis company that provides a well-defined range of expert services to a broad range of industry and government bodies. nABACUS' s core business lies in providing Nanotechnology intelligence and the brokerage of Nanotechnology to a wide client base.

At nABACUS we provide our clients with a customized, detailed, Nanotechnology-centric" analysis of organizations and regions. At nABACUS we appreciate our clients' needs uniquely by focusing on characteristics such as geographical region, a client's product or technology and a Nanotechnology trading and investment readiness.

Extensively networked throughout the Asia Pacific region and the global Nanotechnology investment communities, here at nABACUS clients are at the fulcrum of Nanotechnology investment and business intelligence in Asia. From early stage companies to publicly listed organizations, the commercialization of research through to venture capital investment, mergers and acquisitions, nABACUS is able to leverage its unique capabilities to provide critical and relevant Nanotechnology expertise


Our clients are members of the business and investment community seeking opportunities to invest in Nanotechnology; technology companies seeking advice and investment opportunities to develop or commercialize their Nanotechnology; as well as government bodies planning and implementing Nanotechnology related policies.

nABACUS Clients.


nABACUS has provided services and custom reports to investment and technology companies world-wide, as well as to numerous government agencies and organizations across Asia.

We maintain a close, collaborative relationship with the global technology and investment community by providing small technology intelligence on an international scale.