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APNF 2002 conference hall

The Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum (APNF) is a unique platform for networking across the Asia Pacific region between governments, developing industry, and the venture capital market.

The Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum is an independent non-government, not for profit organization,

which facilitates the coordination of Nanotechnology development and programs and cross regional collaborations among Government policy makers, industry , R&D institutions, and leading researchers.

With support from governments from across the Asia Pacific and major industry, the APNF was formed as the Asia Pacific centered catalyst and thought leader in Nanotechnology and related development areas. The Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum is the leading facilitator of the Asia Nanotechnology Forum and the Asia Nanotechnology Business Alliance, and publisher of the quarterly APNF News Journal.

The Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum hosts the Annual APNF Conference and numerous country local symposia, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions. Since its inauguration in February 2002, the APNF maintained a key role as supporting organization of a number of initiatives and major Nanotechnology events in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Brief History

APNF 2002

The Inaugural Conference of the Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum was held in the AIST Conference Hall (Tsukuba, Japan) seating 140 participants with simultaneous translation facility. The Inaugural Conference attracted 188 participants from industry, government, and R&D organizations world-wide.

Inaugural Conference Program (APNF 2002):

Day one
Day two
Day three
APNF 2002 Speakers

Inaugural Conference  

APNF 2002 Round Table Discusion at AIST Tsukuba, Japan - clockwise around the table starting top left are:



Dr. Toshiaki Kodama (General Manager, Research Assessment and International Affairs, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan)

Dr. Jurgen Schulte (Executive Director APNF)

Dr. Hiroshi Yokoyama (Director, Nanotechnology Research Institute, National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tsukuba, Japan)

Dr. Mihail Roco (Chair National Science and Technology Council's Subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology; Senior Advisor, National Science Foundation, USA)

Dr. Stephen Walker (Executive Director, Engineering and Environmental Science, Australian Research Council, Australia)

Prof. Chia-chun Chen, (Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)

Dr. James Murday (Director, National Nanotechnology Coordinating Office; Superintendent, Chemistry Division, NRL, USA)

The commitment and encouragement of the following organizations, and their support in particular to nominate and send their delegates to participate in the Inaugural Conference, made APNF 2002 a historic key event in Asian Nanotechnology. Follwoing this historic event new Nanotechnology policies, initiatives, and collaboration programs were implemented across all major Asian countries. The historic event was supported by:

Commonwealth Science & Industrial Research Organization

Ministry of Science and Technology
National Natural Science Foundation of China

Verein Deutscher Ingineure e.V.

Council for Science and Technology Policy
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren)
Japan Science & Technology Corporation and its corporate affiliates
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
National Institute for Materials Science

Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy
National Science Foundation
Ministry of Science and Technology
National Science & Technology Bureau,
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Singapore Economic Development Board
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (ASTAR)

National Science Council
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI, Tokyo Office)

Thailand APEC Center for Technology Foresight

National Science Foundation (Tokyo Office)

APNF 2003

The Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum evolved over a number of years from discussions with Nanotechnology Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders in Nanotechnology in Industry, Government, and Academia. We have been approached and encouraged by many organizations across Asia Pacific, Europe, and USA to bring together major organizations and Thought Leaders in one place.

With their encouragement and support, and by putting their nominated delegates in charge of helping with the organizing the 2nd Annual APNF conference (APNF 2003 "Oz Nano 03"), this time at the Hilton Conference Center in Cairns, Australia, became the center stage for Thought Leaders in Nanotechnology in Asia Pacific.

APNF 2003 "Oz Nano 03"

Tanaka Roco Schulte Wiesendenger
Tanaka(Japan) Roco(USA) Schulte(APNF) Dutta(Thailand) Wiesendenger(Germany)

APNF 2003 Nanotechnology Exhibition
International Nanotechnology Exhibition at APNF 2003

The International Nanotechnology Showcasing Exhibition at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum, APNF 2003 "Oz Nano 03", was the first Nanotechnology exhibition of its kind in Australia.
The Nanotechnology Showcasing Exhibition at APNF 2003 "Oz Nano 03" was a result of the culmination of strategic initiatives in Australia, which gained their critical momentum in the Australian Nanotechnology community at the joint DISR-CSIRO workshop in March 2001, where for the first time in Australia industry, government and representatives from the research community came together to create a "blueprint" for Australian Nanotechnology.

Download the APNF 2003 "Oz Nano 03" conference and International Nanotechnology Exhibition summary.

APNF 2004

The 3rd Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum (APNF 2004 "SINCS 04") was held at the Shanghai International Conference Center, Shanghai, P.R. China. In an outstanding effort and collaboration between APNF, the Shanghai Municipality, and the Shanghai Nanotechnology Promotion Center (SNPC), the 2nd Shanghai International Nanotechnology Cooperation Symposium was incorporated in APNF 2004 to create one of the most important Nanotechnology events in China.

For the first time, an international audience of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry leaders, and selected scientists had the opportunity to see in a most comprehensive format the best in Nanotechnology development and commercialization in China.

APNF 2004 "SINCS 04"

APNF 2004 "SINCS 04" at the Shanghai International Conference Center

Executive Organizing Committee at the Shanghai Nanotechnology Promotion Center: Gouquan Min (SNPC), Jie Chen (Vice Director, SNPC), Jurgen Schulte (APNF), Xiaoming Niu (Director, SNPC), Gang Wei (CSIRO), Minbo Lan (Chief Scientist, SNPC)

APNF 2004 "SINCS 04" was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Science & Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, and the National Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, China.

The importance of this event was underpinned by the opening speach of the Vice Mayor of the Shanghai Municipality, Professor Junqi Yan, who is also Chairman of the Nanotechnology Leading Group.

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