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  • Studies Kick off on Bio-safety of Artificial Nano-materials (China)
    15 Jan 2007
    The 21st century has witnessed the rapid development of nanoscience and technology. The nano-material, for example, have been manufactured in large scale and widely used in nearly 1,000 consumer goods and industrial products. Yet, due to their unique characteristics, nano-particles are found to have unusual interactions with the bio-system inside the human body, and disturb or regulate the life process, which might bring damages to people's health. To take the reins of the nano-technology, making it benefit, instead of hurt, our health is not only a challenge facing scientists, but also a critical issue for the governments of various countries when formulating an S&T strategy in frontier areas and public safety.Read more...
  • Chongqing R&D Co Introduces Fireproof & Waterproof Clothes (China)
    15 Jan 2007
    Independent R&D labor insurance clothes with fireproof and waterproof performance come into market.Read more...
  • BU Ties up with Arkansas University to Set up Nano-facility Centre (India)
    15 Jan 2007
    Bharathiar University inked a memorandum of understanding on Sunday with the Institute for Nano-, Micro and Neuro Electronics, Sensors and Systems, University of Arkansas, for establishing a nano-facility centre on the university premises, besides exchange of knowledge, technology, expertise and faculty.Read more...
  • 'Nano-technology is the Next Big Thing' (India)
    15 Jan 2007
    Highlighting the urgency to investment in nano-technology, Dr Lalit Mohan Bhardwaj, deputy director of Central Scientific Instrument Organisation, spoke on 'Trends in Nano-technology' at the 27th Workshop on Electron Microscopy at Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facility (SAIF), Panjab University, today.Read more...
  • Nano-imprint Litho Tool Shipped to Toshiba (Japan)
    15 Jan 2007
    Molecular Imprints Inc. (MII), a supplier of nano-imprint lithography tools, on Thursday (Jan. 11) announced that it has shipped a machine to a leading semiconductor memory manufacturer.Read more...

China Nanotechnology Companies and Applications

At many APNF events over the past years we have been asked by Chinese companies and organizations to be include in APNF China Nanotechnology Showcasing Pages (CNSP). We are kindly inviting you to update the information about your organization which is being made available in the APNF China Nanotechnology Showcasing Pages.

These pages are now available to the general public world wide. You must login to this website to view CNSP, to update, or to add your organization to the China Nanotechnology Showcasing Pages.

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About the APNF China Nanotechnology Showcasing Pages

The Showcasing Pages are being made available by the Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum (APNF). Currently, there are over 300 Chinese Nanotechnology companies and application developers participating in the China Nanotechnology Showcasing Pages.

The China Nanotechnology International Showcasing covers Nanotechnology ...

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Knowledge and Know-how Centers
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The key objective of the APNF China Nanotechnology Showcasing Pages is to make the large amount of activities around Nanotechnology in China available to the general international public, who may not have the same ready access as APNF to Chinese Nanotechnology or may find it difficult to sieve through the vast amount of information that is only available in Chinese language. A further objective is to provide Chinese companies and organizations the opportunity to showcase their developments and services through APNF's public, bilingual showcasing pages to attract a larger audience internationally as well as within China.

Benefit for Chinese Companies
Taking part in the world wide most concentrated source of commercial interest in Nanotechnology in China.
Provide your information in Mandarin and/or English.
Exposure of your know-how, technology, service, or opportunities on offer through the most visited and trusted source for Nanotechnology in Asia, the Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum (over 100,000 visits each month).
Attract investors, and new customers and collaborations word wide.

How to Use the APNF Chinese Nanotechnology Showcasing Pages
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The APNF China Nanotechnology Showcasing Pages are supported by APNF, hence this service is free of charge for all Chinese companies and organizations. Information provided in simplified Chinese (Mandarin) will be translated by APNF staff.

Coverage of the China Nanotechnology Showcasing Pages

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Date of Establishment
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Other Management
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Market Area / Research Area
Market geography
Main products
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Capitalization, last valuation date
Current Main Services
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Future Goals
Competitors: name, product, estimated revenue
Competitive advantage
New product
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Estimated investment needed
Investment allocation
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